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Introducing Ake

A safety and behaviour support app designed for integration with Family / Whānau Violence intervention programmes.

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Working with Programme Staff to help break the cycle of abusive behaviour

Ake is a safety and behaviour support app created for daily use by participants of your family / whānau violence programme as they move through three key phases toward family well-being and safety. These phases are:



Knowing their story of abuse and where it originated, identifying & understanding behaviours, and how these abusive practices affect others.



Introducing ownership of behaviour and accepting responsibility of their previous and current behaviours.



Creating relationship habits that promote family safety while breaking family traditions of violence & abuse.

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Bridging the gap between group and home

A common issue in men's behaviour change groups is learning retention - specifically, the skills & tools learned in the group being remembered and utilised outside the sessions. Ake provides content that recaps the skills and topics covered during the programme and provides facilitators with the ability to follow up with participants through the app.

By minimising downtime between programme sessions, Ake helps programme staff keep up the pressure on disrupting abusive behaviours by providing access to forward-thinking, digestible content such as articles, challenges, worksheets, safety tips and more.

Developed from 40 years of family violence intervention work

Ake is the home to original content developed by industry expert Ken McMaster and his team at HMA, who have been working to disrupt family / whānau violence in New Zealand for 40 years.

The videos, articles and exercises have been designed to integrate with industry standard family / whānau violence programmes.

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Take a look at the features below


Wellness Compass

Whaiora check in with the Emotions Compass, which then recommends content relating to their input. Facilitators can view the compass inputs submitted by whaiora as well as the content they then viewed.

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In-app Discussions

Facilitators can create discussions for the group to respond to within the app. Discussions can be sent one-on-one or to a group. Invite discussion about a particular topic or follow up on a task set during the last intervention session - Discussions have the flexibility to work with your programme.

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Videos, Activities and Articles

Ake is the home to accessible and easy-to-understand content covering a range of topics, such as; Family Safety, Identifying Behaviours, Understanding Trauma, Healthy Relationships, and many more.

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Push Notifications

Need to reschedule the group or ask participants to prepare something before the next session? Facilitators can schedule and send push notifications through the app to groups or specific group members. This will send the notification to their phone and email.

Have a question? Get in touch!

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We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries is Ake available in?

Ake will soon be available for Family / Whānau Violence programme providers in Aoteroa, New Zealand.

We are currently looking for any potential interest from Family Violence / Behaviour Change providers in Australia. Let us know if your organisation is interested!

What devices will Ake work on?

Ake will be available for Whaiora and Programme Staff to download on iPhone and Android via respective app stores.

Ake will also be accessible and fully functional via web browsers on PC and Mac.

An internet connection is required. Devices are not provided.

What will be the pricing model?

We are looking at providing annual licences to organisations with a fixed number of staff & participant login slots per licence tier.

This way, we can provide affordable access to Ake that meets your organisations requirements.

Can my organisation demo Ake?

We will be looking at showing off Ake soon! Get in contact using the form above to organise a demonstration for your organisation.

Can we add our own content to Ake?

Ake has a flexible content management system that allows for custom articles, videos and audio to be uploaded for individual organisations.

We do not plan on including access to this feature in base licences for now. If you are interested in adding custom content from your programme for your organisation's use of Ake, get in contact with us using the form above.